bag [bag]
[ME bagge < ON baggi]
1. a nonrigid container made of fabric, paper, leather, etc., with an opening at the top that can be closed; sack or pouch
2. a piece of hand luggage; suitcase
3. a woman's handbag or purse
a) a container for game
b) the amount of game caught or killed
5. a bagful
6. anything shaped like a bag
7. any thing or part shaped or bulging like a bag [bags under the eyes, bags at trouser knees]
8. an udder or similar pouchlike membrane or sac
9. [pl.] [Brit. Informal] Brit. Informal trousers
10. Slang one's special sphere of interest, milieu, talent, obsession, etc.
11. [< BAGGAGE, sense 3a] Slang an unattractive woman
12. Baseball a base
bagged, bagging
1. to make bulge
2. to enclose within a bag
3. to seize; capture
4. to kill in or as in hunting
5. Slang to obtain or collect
6. Slang to quit, forgo, or give up on [I bagged retail for a sales job]: also in the phrase bag it!
1. to swell like a full bag
2. to hang loosely
bag and baggage Informal
1. with all one's possessions
2. completely; entirely
be left holding the bag
Informal to be left to suffer the bad consequences or the blame
in the bag
1. Slang having its success assured; certain
2. Slang drunk; intoxicated

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